production of

organic oils and cakes

As an oil mill, Oleum mechanically presses organic and natural oil and cake from seeds for human food industries and animal feed industries. Our basic principle has remained the same for over 200 years: get your basics right.

Get your basics right

At Oleum, we select only the best ingredients to provide you with an excellent base oil and cake. Anything that is right in the base will ensure a fantastic end product. Not sure which base product is right for you? Tell us what it will be used for and we will adapt our ingredients to your needs.

Oil and cakes
with a heart for nature

For 9 generations we have acted with respect for nature and the planet. Our choice of ingredients, our production process and our products are all centered around that conscious philisophy.

Flexible partnerships
since 1817

Our experience, knowhow and drive to only provide premium quality oils and cakes clearly shows in how flexible we are towards our clients. Your final product needs to adhere to a number of strict requirements, which we fulfill gladly and with flying colors. Whether the default or something bespoke, we make it happen. Thanks to a broad range of possibilities and the purest base ingredients, we always meet your expectations. What's more: we happily exceed them.

We believe in

Organic & natural





We are proud of our high-quality organic oils

  • Organic sunflower oil linoleic: crude or refined (RBD-RBDW)
  • Organic sunflower oil high oleic: crude or refined (RBD-RBDW)
  • Organic rapeseed oil: crude or refined (RBD)
  • Organic soybean oil: crude or refined (RBD)
  • Organic linseed oil: crude
  • Organic palm oil: crude or refined (RBD)

Packing ranges from bulk, isotanks, flexibags to IBC’s as well as drums.

After mechanically pressing the oil from the seeds, our high-quality press cakes remain. We can offer you the following cakes

  • Expeller pressed organic sunflower cakes
  • Expeller pressed organic rapeseed cakes
  • Expeller pressed organic soybean cakes
  • Expeller pressed organic linseed cakes

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