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Oleum – Get your basics right


Oleum Olieslagerij is a well-equipped oil mill situated in Oudenaarde, Belgium and was founded as supplying part of a family owned animal feed company. It is a seed crushing company with a capacity of 25000 tons of seeds a year. It was built as a small company to a high industrial standard. No extraction was added. The feed company and its successor company Oleum is during nine generations since 1817 in the same family ownership and Oleum is still run by the lady owner Dominique Van Malleghem, member of the founding family.
Oleum carries out an extremely strong quality and organic control in order to control and secure the entire supply chain. It cooperates only with laboratories certified by FOSFA and other internally acclaimed organisations. One of Oleum partners operates its own food laboratory which includes its own microbiology section. All this ensures the proper monitoring of the quality of Oleum products. Oleum is also kosher.


Storage capacity on the premises is 6000mt of seed and 1250mt of oil. Oleum cooperates with newly built large storage facility in the Port of Antwerp and Rotterdam where we can receive sea-going vessels up to 5000mt.

The plant is located at the river Scheldt and has its own quay for barges up to 2500mt. It enables us to receive seeds with the least of discharge and loading movements.


Oleum mainly crushes Organic Linoleic Sunflowerseed, Organic High Oleic Sunflowerseed, Organic Rapeseed and Cameline Seed.


Oleum cooperates with one of Europe’s most sophisticated refineries to supply refined oils to the industry. Refined sunflowerseed oil, high oleic sunflowerseed oil, rapeseed oil as well winterised oils can be supplied. Packing ranges from bulk, isotanks, flexibags to IBC’s as well as drums.
Oleum can help you select the very best ingredients to get your basics right. Together we will produce the gmo- free vegetable oils you and your customers require.