Get your basics right

Vegetable oils for industrial use


Oleum is a family company with several years experience in the production of vegetable oils for industrial use. We offer high quality, traceable, biodiverse oils. Oleum helps you select the very best ingredients to get your basics right.


Together, we produce the GMO-free vegetable oil you and your customers require. We deliver not only raw, semi-finished and finished oils, but also special blends.


Our carefully selected seeds are the basis of our wide range of organic and conventional oils.

Flexible partnerships


At Oleum we guarantee a flexible partnership. We aim to produce a custom oil that meets the requirements of you and your clients. Our wide range of possibilities allows us to remain deliver great results to our customer demands.


Our location in the heart of Europe offers a world of logistical advantages, allowing us to ship your oils in a timely and efficient manner.